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MetFloor 55 — shallow composite profile

MetFloor 55 MetFloor 55 — shallow composite profile


The ultimate in lightweight steel decking for all multi-rise applications

metfloor 55 profile

MetFloor 55 is a traditional dovetail re-entrant shallow composite floor deck, and is available in a range of steel grades. It is our most established steel decking system, highly versatile and popular worldwide.

The MetFloor 55 dovetail profile provides an excellent mechanical key against the concrete slab, offering excellent shear bond performance, augmented by embossments in the profile webs and stiffened by ribs within the trough.

MetFloor 55 presents a near-flat soffit and only a relatively thin slab is required to meet fire design requirements. For details on slab depths required for specific fire ratings, please download the MetFloor brochure, or alternatively download the SCI Assessed MetFloor software.

metfloor 55 profile

Product advantages

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Gauge range
MetFloor 55 is available in 0.9mm, 1.0mm and 1.2mm steel gauges.
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Unpropped decking spans in excess of 3.5m can be achieved.
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Fire safety
Thermally efficient profile, reducing heat transfer and improving fire ratings.
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Fire protection
Two hours of fire protection provided to top flange of composite beams.
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Regular and simple connection availability for underfloor suspended services.
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Shear studs
Wide trough widths enabling flexible and efficient shear stud placement.


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