Our production facility combines a manufacturing floor area of 30,000sq.ft with 8,500sq.ft of office space. The 2000 tonne coil stacking bay is serviced by four 10 tonne capacity "Demag" overhead cranes which also provide all other lifting operations within the facility. This state-of-art facility is new build and was constructed specifically for the production of the MetFloor range, our productivity and efficiency is first class - enabling us to produce a superior product, faster than our competitors and often at a significantly lower price. Our customers value the responsive nature of our layout which ensures that we can help them with last minute and emergency orders regularly achieving turn around speeds that are impossible for other manufacturers.

Composite Steel Decking Manufacturing facilities - CMF

Raw material and completed product can be stored inside the production compound in the secure external stockyard which extends to three sides of the building.

Products are manufactured on three independent profiling machines which allow maximum flexibility to produce up to 2000sq.m per working shift for each machine. On a two shift system a total of 12,000sq.m produced each day.


All machines are fitted with fully automated data controlled systems to ensure accurate sheet length control and correct bundling. Two machines are fitted with auto stacking capability to maximise efficiency. Crushed ends to single span sheets can be provided with the use of additional tooling attached to each machine.

Edge trim

In addition to the manufacture of all standard MetFloor® profiles, our facility also produces bespoke edge trim.

End crush

Metfloor 60 & 80 can also be manufactured with "end crush" eliminating the need for end caps to be installed on site. The benefits of this are quicker installation time, a more aesthetically pleasing finish. This end crush finish is ideal for multiple single span condition projects and car parks.


Product bundles are printed with the sheet description and accurate weight to avoid handling errors on site. Loading of transport is via 2 flexible Combi forklift trucks for loading accuracy and to minimise sheet damage.

Optimisation of loads & therefore transportation costs is achieved through our class leading bespoke software package "Lorry Loader".


By having our own class leading state of the art manufacturing facilities, we are easily able to adapt to our customers changing needs. We understand that on site, situations occur and requirements can change, and we can and do adapt and prioritise to accommodate our customers. Such situations are common place and we have built our reputation on responding quickly to changing delivery needs and manufacturing requirements.

Why not come see our facilities for yourself. Just give us a call and we'll be happy to arrange a tour, we love to show off.